3 Essential Steps to Prepare for an Agile Transformation

Two of the most frequently used buzz words these days in the corporate world are “Agile” and “Transformation”.  But together what do they mean and why should you care?  Simply put, an Agile Transformation is the journey that an organization undertakes to reshape its thinking, mindset, and culture to adopt an Agile framework and related Read more about 3 Essential Steps to Prepare for an Agile Transformation[…]

Leveraging the Microsoft Project Organizer

The ‘Organizer’ within Microsoft Project (Standard and Professional) allows one to quickly copy various Microsoft Project objects (fields, groups, filters, calendars, tables, modules, reports, and views) from one MS Project file or Enterprise Project schedule to another

Create a Milestone Table to Supplement the Project Schedule’s Timeline

MS Project Timelines are a great way to display the project schedule at a milestone level. Timelines are often used in project status reports and meetings. What timelines lack are historical information about the milestones. How do the current milestones compare to the baseline milestones? How much did the milestone shift from the last time we reported status?

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Navigating COVID-19’s Impact on the Job Market

You cannot surf the Internet, check social media platforms, turn on the television, or listen to a radio broadcast without hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus has become a customary word in everyone’s vocabulary. Some industries are thriving throughout this tumultuous feat while others are in turmoil. By taking full advantage of all of Read more about Navigating COVID-19’s Impact on the Job Market[…]

Project Management Terminology

The 25 Project Management Terms All Beginner’s Should Know

There’s a hefty library of terminology for new-comers in the project management industry to get familiar with, which can cause unnecessary issues and miscommunications to arise if you’re not already well versed. This can be a bit daunting, but lucky for you EPMA has you covered with the 25 terms beginners in project management must Read more about The 25 Project Management Terms All Beginner’s Should Know[…]

Agile Horror

Oh, the Horror! – How Agile Can Go Wrong

We’ve all heard mentions of Agile and likely a few horror stories that tag along. Every so often one instance where it was adopted successfully by a company might crop up – but, oh, the horror stories… There are just so many! In this blog we’ll look at why people are doing agile wrong: Doing Read more about Oh, the Horror! – How Agile Can Go Wrong[…]

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Hiring a “Unicorn” – 5 Strategies to Improve Recruiting Results

We’ve all heard the expression, “Unicorn Hire.” This means a hire with an extremely rare skillset and high value to the organization.  And in most cases, it also means the Recruiting Team will struggle to fill the position. This is frustrating for both the Hiring Managers and the Recruiters. The cycle goes something like this: the Recruiter Read more about Hiring a “Unicorn” – 5 Strategies to Improve Recruiting Results[…]