A Fatal Mistake: Misaligned Deliverables

A Project Manager saying, “I understand exactly what we need to deliver”, without discussing the scope with the project Sponsor, is one of the biggest fatal mistakes a Project Manager can make.  No matter how experienced a Project Manager is, nuances will get them every time.  To be a great project manager, set your ego Read more about A Fatal Mistake: Misaligned Deliverables[…]

Deliver Project Portfolios like a Boss with Effective Resource Planning

Have you ever over-promised delivery on a project portfolio and under-delivered, leaving management to wonder if you knew what you were doing?  Or worse yet, under-promised and over-delivered, with management wondering if you might have been sandbagging or wasting resources?  Either way is not beneficial in building confidence in your capability to deliver the committed Read more about Deliver Project Portfolios like a Boss with Effective Resource Planning[…]

Project Methodology

The Importance of Project Methodology

You have heard the statistics … 70% of the projects fail, 27% of the projects go over budget, 77% of the projects are late, and so on.  The knee-jerk response is, we need to hire better project managers, but typically, the unacceptable delivery is due to the lack of a project management methodology or the Read more about The Importance of Project Methodology[…]

Resource Management or lack of, can make or break your company’s project portfolio.

INTRODUCTION A project’s success rests significantly on its team, making resources one of the most important investments in the project. Yet in most cases, Resource Management is practically non-existent. How do you ensure that the right resources, are working on the right thing, at the right time? There are 2 things that must come into Read more about Resource Management or lack of, can make or break your company’s project portfolio.[…]

Waterfall and Agile Working Side-by-Side in MS Project

There are 2 main methodologies for managing projects: Waterfall and Agile. The problem is most of us don’t know when to use these methodologies or when we do use one, we feel cheated by not reaping the benefits of the other. Most companies feel Agile is the answer, but then they go “all in” on Read more about Waterfall and Agile Working Side-by-Side in MS Project[…]

Get Your Project Out of the Ditch in 6 Steps

This blog will provide a strategy for getting the project back on track. This tried-and-true technique can be used on a project you just inherited or one of your own that has gotten away from you.

What-If Scenarios add Reality to the Project Schedule

The purpose of What-If Scenarios is to adjust a project schedule’s timeline for a more favorable solution by imposing management constraints and/or changing execution variables; such as resources, implementation approach, priorities, etc.

Project Management Under Pressure!

Issues are piling up and everyone is coming at you at once. The reality is: people make mistakes and project plans are not perfect, so you need to figure out how to deal with it now and make improvements for the future. Here are some common project management pressure situations that you may identify with and strategies to get you back on track.