Focused Value of Project & Portfolio Management

Focused Value of Project & Portfolio Management

You are the Program Management Office (PMO) Director of a successful Fortune 1000 company.  You have spent years developing processes and standards to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.  You may have also introduced strategic value by implementing project/program prioritization and selection processes to support your company’s annual planning & budgeting cycle.  And you have likely Read more about Focused Value of Project & Portfolio Management[…]

Leveraging the MS Project Organizer

The ‘Organizer’ within Microsoft Project (Standard and Professional) allows one to quickly copy various Microsoft Project objects (fields, groups, filters, calendars, tables, modules, reports, and views) from one Microsoft Project file or Enterprise Project schedule to another. Learn how leveraging the MS Project Organizer will help with your templates and elements. In a Microsoft Project Read more about Leveraging the MS Project Organizer[…]

how to use deadlines in microsoft project

How To Use Deadlines in Microsoft Project

When you’re working on a project, you need to understand how your different tasks will affect when your project ends in order to reach important deadlines. To help manage those important dates, Microsoft Project offers functionality to allow Project Managers the option to enter/set a deadline for any task in the project schedule. Deadlines in Read more about How To Use Deadlines in Microsoft Project[…]

How a Business Analyst Can Succeed in Any Industry

One of the most common perceptions of being a successful business analyst when entering an industry is they need to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in that industry. Although it is beneficial, it is not the key criteria to delivering a successful project. Broadly speaking, Business Analyst encompasses a wide range of expertise that adds Read more about How a Business Analyst Can Succeed in Any Industry[…]

Get Your Project Out of the Ditch in 6 Steps

This blog will provide a strategy for getting the project back on track. This tried-and-true technique can be used on a project you just inherited or one of your own that has gotten away from you.