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How to Use Project Dashboards to Unleash Your Potential

At EPMA, we have been delivering project management excellence for nearly 15 years, crafting over 300 dashboards for clients across various industries. Central to our continued success is the adept utilization of critical data, ensuring it’s easily accessible and digestible. Transparency stands as the cornerstone in any project environment, influencing momentum, cost projections, and completion Read more about How to Use Project Dashboards to Unleash Your Potential[…]

The Power of Staffing Vendors: Transforming Companies for Success

In today’s business landscape, organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to talent acquisition and management. The task of finding the right employees with the right skills and expertise can be overwhelming. However, many companies have discovered the immense benefits of partnering with staffing vendors or managed service providers (MSPs). In this blog, we will Read more about The Power of Staffing Vendors: Transforming Companies for Success[…]

AI and the Transformation of Project Management – Part Three

Part Three – Roadblocks to AI and what can we do now to Help. Roadblocks So we have the pieces to make an awesome AI tool that can make life as a project manager more efficient, so why are we not there yet? While the technology is almost there, here are some roadblocks that still Read more about AI and the Transformation of Project Management – Part Three[…]

Project Methodology

The Importance of Project Methodology

You have heard the statistics … 70% of the projects fail, 27% of the projects go over budget, 77% of the projects are late, and so on.  The knee-jerk response is, we need to hire better project managers, but typically, the unacceptable delivery is due to the lack of a project management methodology or the Read more about The Importance of Project Methodology[…]

how to use deadlines in microsoft project

How To Use Deadlines in Microsoft Project

When you’re working on a project, you need to understand how your different tasks will affect when your project ends in order to reach important deadlines. To help manage those important dates, Microsoft Project offers functionality to allow Project Managers the option to enter/set a deadline for any task in the project schedule. Deadlines in Read more about How To Use Deadlines in Microsoft Project[…]

To escalate or not to escalate … that is the question!

The project management process is based on meeting commitments, so the project team needs to be accountable and understand when to escalate when commitments are in jeopardy. Some common project discrepancies that require escalation includes, but not limited to resource conflicts, scope creep, deliverable issues, and team member confrontations.

Project Management: Reactive vs. Proactive

It is important to make a distinction between reactive project managers and proactive project managers. In other words, the difference between a project manager and a great project manager. Often, project managers end up in their roles accidentally because they were good at the technical side of the project, or there was a gap that needed to be filled, or maybe just a wrong personal/professional decision. However, if you are one of the enthusiasts in this occupation, there are a lot of things that can be done to deliver results beyond the stakeholders’ expectations by being a proactive project manager.