To escalate or not to escalate … that is the question!

The project management process is based on meeting commitments, so the project team needs to be accountable and understand when to escalate when commitments are in jeopardy. Some common project discrepancies that require escalation includes, but not limited to resource conflicts, scope creep, deliverable issues, and team member confrontations.

“Help Me, Help You!” How to tactfully engage challenging managers

Here are a few tips to help you tackle an uncooperative or unresponsive manager on a project and turning it an opportunity – to strengthen one’s professional experience, share acquired knowledge, and build a great working relationship.

Female Leader in Meeting

Build Your Power of Influence

I recently read 360 Leadership by John Maxwell on a flight to a client located in the Midwest. The book talks about how to lead from all levels within an organization and how to develop your power of influence. I began to draw a parallel to how consultants are expected to provide leadership, but frequently Read more about Build Your Power of Influence[…]

Effective Communications in Project Management (Part 1)

What does Clear Communication have to do with Successful Projects? How often do we, as project managers take communication too casually when managing a project? Most project managers are generally good communicators but are they communicating effectively? In PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession In-Depth report, it was revealed that the most crucial success factor Read more about Effective Communications in Project Management (Part 1)[…]