Creepy Guy Behind the Blinds

Beware the Creep That Threatens Your Project

What is Scope Creep? Well, it’s not the guy in the next building with a telescope in his window—although that would be a great guess. “Scope creep” is an uncontrolled increase in project scope—often minor, unrelated bits and pieces—and is one of the leading causes of project failure. Those bits and pieces add up over Read more about Beware the Creep That Threatens Your Project[…]

Building a team

Team Building for Projects (Stage 1: Forming)

Do you need to build a team for a new project? Then this post can give you a game plan for the first step in the team building process. In this video, Debbie Perez will discuss the intricacies of forming teams from the perspective of a Project Manager. By watching this video, you can expect Read more about Team Building for Projects (Stage 1: Forming)[…]

Team Meeting

Virtual Project Teams: 8 Keys to Success

Digital transformation and ever-improving technology allow project teams to work and collaborate virtually.  More and more we find non-co-located teams  communicating between different cities, states, countries or even overseas.  And corporations realize the benefit of embracing the virtual team concept to effectively access a broader resource pool. As the distance increases, the communication challenges also Read more about Virtual Project Teams: 8 Keys to Success[…]

Online test

Microsoft Online Proctored Exam Experience

When I decided to take my first MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) exam, there was a decision to make. I could either make a reservation to take the test at an exam center or take it with an online proctored option at my home/office. Being unfamiliar with online proctored exam concept, I spent a couple of Read more about Microsoft Online Proctored Exam Experience[…]

PMBOK 6th Edition – What You Need to Know

PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is an internationally recognized project management guide published by PMI (Project Management Institute), with the first edition released in 1996. To stay in tune with evolving practices in business, project management professionals (PMPs) continuously work to improve processes and methodologies applied in project environments.  Continual improvement and alignment of Read more about PMBOK 6th Edition – What You Need to Know[…]

Impact of Schedule Updates on Project Health

As a scheduler, I witness first-hand how different organizations choose to monitor and track project progress through schedules. Although updating the schedules for active projects may seem trivial on regular basis, it can save organizations time and money through increase in efficiency. Developing and maintaining a schedule plays a significant part in the successful planning Read more about Impact of Schedule Updates on Project Health[…]

Time Management in a Fast Paced Environment: Part Five

Let’s be honest: as a Project Manager, keeping track of project information can be difficult during the best of times; let alone when you are responsible for multiple efforts! With several stakeholders requesting different information and team members continually updating you on their progress through their tasks, sometimes finding the time to complete even the Read more about Time Management in a Fast Paced Environment: Part Five[…]

Microsoft Project Trivia: Manually Recalculate a Project

A default setting in Microsoft Project causes the software to automatically recalculate the project whenever the user takes an action that would cause any type of schedule changes. You can see this option at the bottom of the Schedule page in the Project Options dialog in Microsoft Project 2010 or 2013, as shown in the Read more about Microsoft Project Trivia: Manually Recalculate a Project[…]