Team Meeting

Virtual Project Teams: 8 Keys to Success

Digital transformation and ever-improving technology allow project teams to work and collaborate virtually.  More and more we find non-co-located teams  communicating between different cities, states, countries or even overseas.  And corporations realize the benefit of embracing the virtual team concept to effectively access a broader resource pool. As the distance increases, the communication challenges also Read more about Virtual Project Teams: 8 Keys to Success[…]

Virtual Teams and Meetings

Most often we prefer face-to-face communication in project teams. But in today‚Äôs world, technology has made it possible for virtual teams to attain the same level of success with respect to project completion as on-site teams. Not working with the client/team on-site may appear to be challenging. But as a scheduler, I have worked with Read more about Virtual Teams and Meetings[…]

Introduction to the Team Forming Model, Step 3

Did you know that the life of a team can be broken down into 5 steps?  Bruce Wayne did.  In this session you will be introduced to step 3 of the team forming model, norming. Interested in how EPMA can help you build your project team? Contact us today at 1.888.444.EPMA or [email protected]. Thanks for Read more about Introduction to the Team Forming Model, Step 3[…]