What is your project trying to indicate?

Did you know that your project schedule can tell you alot about its progress and status?  When used correctly, Microsoft Project Professional will send all information to Microsoft Project Server and allow you to view everything you need to know about your project (or group of projects) in a glance. The many colors and shapes Read more about What is your project trying to indicate?[…]

Virtual Teams and Meetings

Most often we prefer face-to-face communication in project teams. But in today’s world, technology has made it possible for virtual teams to attain the same level of success with respect to project completion as on-site teams. Not working with the client/team on-site may appear to be challenging. But as a scheduler, I have worked with Read more about Virtual Teams and Meetings[…]

Project Custom Fields and OData

When you create a new Project Enterprise Custom field in project server 2013, you may include spaces and other special characters in the field name and it will work just fine. When you use the OData feed/service for reporting, however, you notice the field’s name is slightly different. The OData service will try to normalize the field name Read more about Project Custom Fields and OData[…]

Project Assignments Not Displaying on a Timesheet in MS PPM/Project Server/Project Online

We recently had a client contact our EPMA support team asking for help with Tasks missing from user’s timesheets. There are many reasons a task might not show up on a Team Member’s timesheet and some are predictable. This would be applicable in Project Online as well. At the end of a project, a project Read more about Project Assignments Not Displaying on a Timesheet in MS PPM/Project Server/Project Online[…]

Using AutoFilter in Microsoft Project

In my previous blog post, I showed you how to easily determine if you have AutoFilter applied on one or more columns of data, even if those columns are not displayed in the current view. I learned this “nugget” from a class I taught recently for some new team members at EPMA. During this class, Read more about Using AutoFilter in Microsoft Project[…]

Microsoft Project Quick Tip: Determine If AutoFilter is Applied

I learned something new about Microsoft Project 2013 when I was conducting a training class recently for two of our new team members at EPMA. During class, we applied AutoFilter on the Resource Names column so that we could filter for the tasks assigned to two resources. I then asked my students how Microsoft Project Read more about Microsoft Project Quick Tip: Determine If AutoFilter is Applied[…]

Saving a Customized Table

Finding ways to make life easier is always a plus, even if only something small. Working in MS Project 2013, I strive to find ways to make things easier and more automated. One time saving tool that I love to employ is saving customized tables. Today, I will demonstrate how to customize an existing table and Read more about Saving a Customized Table[…]

Who Stole My Critical Path?

Recently, I received a call from one of our customers saying that she can’t see her critical path. This problem is quite common in complex schedules. In this blog I would like to share some quick troubleshooting techniques. The first thing that you can try is simply going to the “Format” tab and click on Read more about Who Stole My Critical Path?[…]