How to Build Reports Using OData Feeds

In this video you will learn how to build reports in Microsoft Project Server using odata feeds. Interested in how EPMA can help you with custom reporting? Contact us today at 713.400.9200 or [email protected] Thanks for watching! Please feel free to leave comments below or check out our other blogs on Microsoft Project, Project Server, Read more about How to Build Reports Using OData Feeds[…]

Deleting Users in Microsoft Project Server

It is highly recommended that you do not delete Resource/Users when using a PPM tool such as Microsoft Project because you could potentially lose all the history related to the resource/user. For example – You create a user named John Smith who can also be assigned to projects as a resource. You have assigned John Read more about Deleting Users in Microsoft Project Server[…]

Elapsed Days in Microsoft Project

Here is a quick blog to introduce Microsoft Project users to a quick and easy tip when dealing with task durations and elapsed days. In Microsoft Project it is possible to model duration in terms of ‘elapsed’ days. Elapsed days are used when a task’s duration needs to disregard any ‘nonworking time’ or resource constraints. Read more about Elapsed Days in Microsoft Project[…]