Infographic: Sometimes, Just Sometimes, It’s Okay to Allow a Project to Drag On…

Although I am normally an advocate of killing a failing project, I occasionally see a project that I’m glad was saved from the chopping block. Despite its centuries — yes CENTURIES — of failures, millions of people around the world are happy to still have the Italian treasure that we know as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Here are a few fun facts that you may not have known about this wonderful monument:

  • The tower was built on a clay foundation… the ultimate cause for the tilt.
  • Its main construction occurred intermittently over 200 years, and its repair (or attempts therof) continued for another 600 years afterward.
  • After completion of the 3rd floor, the tower began to lean, so the construction was halted… and remained halted for 100 years.
  • American soldiers nearly tore down the tower during World War II in an effort to destroy any safe havens for enemy snipers.
  • Mussolini tried to fix the tower (but failed) because he considered its tilt a disgrace.

Below is an infographic about the Tower of Pisa that I hope you’ll enjoy.

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