How to Use Project Dashboards to Unleash Your Potential

At EPMA, we have been delivering project management excellence for nearly 15 years, crafting over 300 dashboards for clients across various industries. Central to our continued success is the adept utilization of critical data, ensuring it’s easily accessible and digestible.

Transparency stands as the cornerstone in any project environment, influencing momentum, cost projections, and completion oversight. This is why we pioneer market-leading dashboards for clients seeking informed decisions that reduce cost risks and amplify revenue opportunities.

Whether you operate in a waterfall or agile environment, EPMA brings a wealth of experience in providing dashboards that truly add value. Project managers rely on dashboards to visually track project progress, presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) and aiding in informed decision-making.

In this blog, we delve into the importance of choosing the right dashboards in project management. In essence, accurate, reliable data is key to the success of both waterfall and agile projects. However, the challenge lies in accessing and deciphering the needed data within a sea of information. Relying on Excel for project tracking can result in underutilization of resources and inadequate risk management. The solution lies in dashboard builds, custom or generic, marking the difference between success and mediocrity.

Often, the question arises on how and where to start dashboard creation. At EPMA, with almost 15 years and over 300 builds, we strike the right balance between objectivity and subjectivity. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, we pride ourselves on aligning diverse project environments and business needs, developing best practice models.

At EPMA, our dashboard builds follow these fundamental design principles:

  1. Start with the users’ perspectives.
  2. Simplify visuals with intentional data engineering.
  3. Prioritize user-friendly interfaces.
  4. Create accessible documentation and training materials.

Projects dashboards simplify project management, offering continuous performance data at a glance. They provide real-time updates on project progress, status, and projections, promoting greater convenience, efficiency, and accuracy for managers and stakeholders. Many projects rely on shared resources, deliverables, or timelines. Project dashboard software, like the ones we employ at EPMA, simplifies the process, ensuring 24/7 access to real-time insights and updates.

Here are the enhanced benefits of project dashboards for optimizing project performance:

  • Improved Visibility: Project management dashboards offer real-time insights into the overall project status, allowing for the quick identification of bottlenecks, monitoring of task progression, and early detection of potential issues before escalation.
  • Real Life Stage Gate Visibility: Gain reduced risk and improved governance by visualizing and displaying project status through different stages. This approach enables the creation, tracking, and development of a robust methodology.
  • Enhanced Communication: Dashboards streamline communication among team members. Instant updates ensure everyone stays on the same page, fostering efficient collaboration within the team.
  • Performance Tracking: Utilizing visualization tools, project dashboards effectively track performance metrics. Measure team productivity, project budget, time management, and more, providing a comprehensive overview for informed decision making.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Dashboards offer a comprehensive view of project data, empowering project managers with the right context for making informed, data-driven decisions. This strategic insight enhances overall project management efficiency.

In conclusion, using the right dashboards is indispensable for project success, providing a visual representation of project KPIs and empowering project managers to make informed decisions. At EPMA, we Unleash Your Potential by developing systematic levers that drive results. Contact one of our experts to witness the impactful difference in your environment and revenue results.