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Customizing Jira Workflows for Efficiency

While Jira by default comes with its built-in workflows, its real efficiency lies in its adaptability and customizability. An example of a default workflow is as follows: Similarly, JIRA creates Agile Simplified workflow templates for Scrum and Kanban Projects respectively. SCRUM KANBAN Additionally, Jira workflows can pertain to the user’s requirements. Some of the common Read more about Customizing Jira Workflows for Efficiency[…]

Good Things Happen When Waterfall and Agile Worlds Collide!

As you know in project management, there are two popular models for managing projects:  Waterfall and Agile.  There are folks in both camps that will defend their model to their last breath; pitting one against the other.  In reality, you need features from both models to successfully manage your projects, creating a hybrid Agile Waterfall Read more about Good Things Happen When Waterfall and Agile Worlds Collide![…]

Business People building relationship


I was always known for my gift of gab, which has gotten me in AND out of trouble my entire life. So, when I landed a job in the recruiting industry right out of college, I was able to put this gift to work and found my calling. Over 20 years later, I am now Read more about BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS[…]

Project site failed

Project Server/Online – Project Site creation has failed?

Problem: When you publish or save a Project, the new Project Site creation fails, and you see the following error message “Cannot attach workspace without either PWAVisibility or PWSManaged feature enabled” in the queue with Job Type as Project Site Create/Project Site Update. Possible Cause: This error can occur if a Project Site/Subsite already exists in Read more about Project Server/Online – Project Site creation has failed?[…]

Time Management

Project Server 2013 – Timesheet Approval issues?

Problem: When a Timesheet Manager tries to accept a Timesheet from the Approvals screen, and it has the following error – “A timesheet job is failed and blocking correlation in the queue. The approval item no longer exists or has already been approved.” as shown in the below screenshot. Possible Cause: There might be several Read more about Project Server 2013 – Timesheet Approval issues?[…]

Configuring SSRS 2016 in SharePoint/Project Server 2016

The process of setting up SSRS in SharePoint/Project Server 2016 integrated mode has changed a little bit when compared to earlier versions of SharePoint/Project Server. The process consists of installing SSRS on the SharePoint servers, creating SSRS service application and configuring the Reporting libraries to contain report elements. Installing SSRS 2016 on SharePoint/Project Server 2016 Read more about Configuring SSRS 2016 in SharePoint/Project Server 2016[…]

Female Leader in Meeting

Build Your Power of Influence

I recently read 360 Leadership by John Maxwell on a flight to a client located in the Midwest. The book talks about how to lead from all levels within an organization and how to develop your power of influence. I began to draw a parallel to how consultants are expected to provide leadership, but frequently Read more about Build Your Power of Influence[…]


Easy way to perform calculations in Jira

Finding it hard to Purchase a plugin?  Don’t have time to create a plugin? Don’t worry; we have a simple solution for you  Since JIRA doesn’t have out of the box functionalities to perform simple calculations, here is an easy way to implement it.   Write a simple HTML Code which could perform the calculations: Read more about Easy way to perform calculations in Jira[…]