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Agile Horror

Oh, the Horror! – How Agile Can Go Wrong

We’ve all heard mentions of Agile and likely a few horror stories that tag along. Every so often one instance where it was adopted successfully by a company might crop up – but, oh, the horror stories… There are just so many! In this blog we’ll look at why people are doing agile wrong: Doing Read more about Oh, the Horror! – How Agile Can Go Wrong[…]

group cheer

Hiring a “Unicorn” – 5 Strategies to Improve Recruiting Results

We’ve all heard the expression, “Unicorn Hire.” This means a hire with an extremely rare skillset and high value to the organization.  And in most cases, it also means the Recruiting Team will struggle to fill the position. This is frustrating for both the Hiring Managers and the Recruiters. The cycle goes something like this: the Recruiter Read more about Hiring a “Unicorn” – 5 Strategies to Improve Recruiting Results[…]


4 Ways to Attract the Right Candidates

Finding qualified candidates is not an easy task. While the internet has helped recruiters make enormous strides in reaching more candidates…the question of ‘are they the right candidates?’ still leaves many hiring managers in the dark. Anyone can post a position on their website or a job board and see the resumes come pouring in. Read more about 4 Ways to Attract the Right Candidates[…]

Driving Predecessors

Driving Predecessors in MS Project

Do you have a project schedule with over a thousand lines? Are you spending a lot of time trying to determine why a certain activity is being delayed according to your plan? In MS Project, a predecessor is defined as a task which drives its successor task before it can start or finish. When scheduling Read more about Driving Predecessors in MS Project[…]

Project Online Custom Development

Understanding Project Online Custom Development Options

Project Online has three online API sets: Client-side Object Model (CSOM), JavaScript Object Model (JSOM), and Representational State Transfer (REST). The .NET CSOM implementation is the preferred interface when developing Windows applications that interact with Project Online tenants. Typical environments for user-centric applications include Windows desktops and Microsoft Surface devices. Back-end applications written with .NET Read more about Understanding Project Online Custom Development Options[…]

MS Project Milestone Table

How to Leverage Milestone Tables in MS Project

MS Project Timelines are a great way to display the project schedule at a milestone level.  Timelines provide important project status reports and information to management, however they often lack historical information about the milestones.  How do the current milestones compare to the baseline milestones?  How much did the milestone shift from the last time Read more about How to Leverage Milestone Tables in MS Project[…]

JIRA code

7 Ways to Clean up a Polluted Jira Environment

Your Jira server has slowed down and performance has suffered as a result. Cleaning up the Jira environment will fix this problem but there are other benefits to be gained from cleaning your polluted Jira Environment. Other Benefits Include: Avoid data duplication Enhanced performance of the server Teams reaching out to dedicated groups Structured Data dictionary Read more about 7 Ways to Clean up a Polluted Jira Environment[…]

Physical % Complete in MS Project

  So, you recently stumbled upon a field called Physical % Complete in MS Project and you are now confused about what this field means and how it relates to the progress of your project. You also found out that a 100% value in this field does not complete the task/milestone. Let me answer your Read more about Physical % Complete in MS Project[…]