Driving Predecessors

Driving Predecessors in MS Project

Do you have a project schedule with over a thousand lines? Are you spending a lot of time trying to determine why a certain activity is being delayed according to your plan? For solving those issues, you need to be driving predecessors in MS Project. In MS Project, a predecessor is defined as a task Read more about Driving Predecessors in MS Project[…]

Five Ways To Insert Tasks In MS Project

Inserting tasks in Microsoft Project is fairly easy, have you ever wanted to quickly insert a new task within an existing task list in your project plan? Here are five different ways to insert a new task. Typing at the top row of a blank project schedule and pressing Enter automatically adds a new task, another way is clicking Read more about Five Ways To Insert Tasks In MS Project[…]

Exporting Project Data with a Gantt Chart

While giving a training class a few days ago I decided to demonstrate how the ‘Smart Copy and Paste’ feature works in Microsoft Project. This feature allows you to copy any data from within your project schedule and paste it into other applications such as Word or Excel, and Project is clever enough to pick Read more about Exporting Project Data with a Gantt Chart[…]