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Resume Tips to Stand Out From the Rest and Get an Interview

Believe it or not, not everyone knows how to make a proper resume, yet we are all required to submit one to apply for a job. A resume is what showcases your experience and expertise and helps push you into the hands of the hiring manager. It is basically your ticket to the job world. Read more about Resume Tips to Stand Out From the Rest and Get an Interview[…]

Waterfall and Agile Working Side-by-Side in MS Project

There are 2 main methodologies for managing projects: Waterfall and Agile. The problem is most of us don’t know when to use these methodologies or when we do use one, we feel cheated by not reaping the benefits of the other. Most companies feel Agile is the answer, but then they go “all in” on Read more about Waterfall and Agile Working Side-by-Side in MS Project[…]

Get Your Project Out of the Ditch in 6 Steps

This blog will provide a strategy for getting the project back on track. This tried-and-true technique can be used on a project you just inherited or one of your own that has gotten away from you.

How a PM can Leverage MS Outlook to Improve Team Planning & Follow Up

Do you struggle with getting your team to attend your weekly meetings or obtain a status on their action items? Sometimes leveraging a tool such as MS Outlook can assist a Project Manager to gain compliance within their team, and ultimately increase their monitor and control efficiency.