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What-If Scenarios add Reality to the Project Schedule

The purpose of What-If Scenarios is to adjust a project schedule’s timeline for a more favorable solution by imposing management constraints and/or changing execution variables; such as resources, implementation approach, priorities, etc.

Project Management Under Pressure!

Issues are piling up and everyone is coming at you at once. The reality is: people make mistakes and project plans are not perfect, so you need to figure out how to deal with it now and make improvements for the future. Here are some common project management pressure situations that you may identify with and strategies to get you back on track.

“Help Me, Help You!” How to tactfully engage challenging managers

Here are a few tips to help you tackle an uncooperative or unresponsive manager on a project and turning it an opportunity – to strengthen one’s professional experience, share acquired knowledge, and build a great working relationship.

Create a Milestone Table to Supplement the Project Schedule’s Timeline

MS Project Timelines are a great way to display the project schedule at a milestone level. Timelines are often used in project status reports and meetings. What timelines lack are historical information about the milestones. How do the current milestones compare to the baseline milestones? How much did the milestone shift from the last time we reported status?

Roles and Responsibilities are Key to your Success!

One common question that can be asked to any company, department, or individual is: “What do you do and how does it benefit me?”  After you recover from the shock and crassness of the question, you realize that that is the reason people start businesses, create departments, and hire individuals … to create value.  To successfully provide the value that people Read more about Roles and Responsibilities are Key to your Success![…]

Empty board room

Navigating COVID-19’s Impact on the Job Market

You cannot surf the Internet, check social media platforms, turn on the television, or listen to a radio broadcast without hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus has become a customary word in everyone’s vocabulary. Some industries are thriving throughout this tumultuous feat while others are in turmoil. By taking full advantage of all of Read more about Navigating COVID-19’s Impact on the Job Market[…]

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The 4 Benefits of EPMA’s Virtual Training

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we work and has forced us into remote working from home. However, just because you need to stay indoors, doesn’t mean you have to completely halt your professional development.  In fact, we are finding that many organizations are using this forced down time to schedule long overdue training that Read more about The 4 Benefits of EPMA’s Virtual Training[…]