Risk between Profit and Loss

Risk Management (Part 2)

    Now that you have an idea about what is Risk and how to manage it, as discussed in Part 1, this next part will be a FAQ around this subject with Laura Holder, one of EPMA’S Certified Senior Project Managers.     Can you please introduce yourself and explain your role as a Read more about Risk Management (Part 2)[…]

Team Meeting

Virtual Project Teams: 8 Keys to Success

Digital transformation and ever-improving technology allow project teams to work and collaborate virtually.  More and more we find non-co-located teams  communicating between different cities, states, countries or even overseas.  And corporations realize the benefit of embracing the virtual team concept to effectively access a broader resource pool. As the distance increases, the communication challenges also Read more about Virtual Project Teams: 8 Keys to Success[…]

Bad News Bear(er)s Part 1: How to react when faced with a critical project problem

There is always a sense of satisfaction when you complete a project, especially when it is a very successful project. However, as we know all too well, there will be problems. It is not a matter of if, but when. We must prepare as much as we can so that when an unforeseen event sets Read more about Bad News Bear(er)s Part 1: How to react when faced with a critical project problem[…]

risk management graphic

Risk Management (Part 1)

What is Risk Project risk is defined by The Project Management Institute as, “an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project’s objectives.” All projects involve risks, which leaders must evaluate and manage. To do this, it is necessary to identify  risks and mitigate them, to ensure Read more about Risk Management (Part 1)[…]

Good Things Happen When Waterfall and Agile Worlds Collide!

As you know in project management, there are two popular models for managing projects:  Waterfall and Agile.  There are folks in both camps that will defend their model to their last breath; pitting one against the other.  In reality, you need features from both models to successfully manage your projects, creating a hybrid Agile Waterfall Read more about Good Things Happen When Waterfall and Agile Worlds Collide![…]

Become a PM Jedi – The Art of Communication

“Step into your engineer’s shoes”   Below is a common scenario that a project manager may encounter and how effective communication can assist a situation gone bad and turn the situation around.   Scene: PM walks into engineer’s office while they are working. PM: “Hey Engineer! Why haven’t you completed the stress calculations assigned to Read more about Become a PM Jedi – The Art of Communication[…]

Microsoft Project 2013 Quick Reference Card Pack Download

Due to the popularity of our 2010 quick reference cards (we had over 8000 downloads) we have created a set of quick reference cards for Microsoft Project 2013! The Quick Reference Cards explain the common elements of the Microsoft Project 2013 interface including: an itemized listing of the Project 2013 ribbon commands, an extensive list Read more about Microsoft Project 2013 Quick Reference Card Pack Download[…]

Building A Project Team

Building A Project Team with Disney Characters Building a perfect project team can be difficult. You need to ensure that all project members are on the same page and can complete their jobs. You are developing their skills and managing their day-to-day activities. Collaboration is important to any project team. I decided to build my Read more about Building A Project Team[…]