Creating ‘Auto-Approval’ Rules in Project Server/ Online

  • WHO:        Project Manager / Status Manager  
  • WHERE:  Project Online/Project Server PWA           


  1. Access the ‘Approval Center’ by:
    1. Navigating to your Project Online environment.
    1. From the Quick Launch Menu, click the Approvals link (or ‘Approvals’ tile, if visible) to access Project Online’s ‘Approval Center’.


2. From the Approval Center, click the ‘Manage Rules’ button located on the ‘Navigate’ section of the ‘Approvals’ menu ribbon in PWA.

3. On the Rules page, when creating a new rule, click the New button, located in the ‘Rule’ section of the Rules menu ribbon.

4. Name the rule by navigating to the Edit/Create Rule page and entering a Name and an optional Description of the rule.

5. Select ‘Automatic Update’ preferences to indicate whether to automatically run this rule and/or automatically publish the updates.

6. Select the ‘Request (Update) Type(s)’ to indicate the types of requests/updates this rule should accept

7. Select the Project(s) to be processed automatically

8. Select the Resource(s) to be processed automatically.

9. Click the Save button to create or save edits made to an existing rule

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