Effective Communications in Project Management (Part 1)

What does Clear Communication have to do with Successful Projects? How often do we, as project managers take communication too casually when managing a project? Most project managers are generally good communicators but are they communicating effectively? In PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession In-Depth report, it was revealed that the most crucial success factor Read more about Effective Communications in Project Management (Part 1)[…]

Why WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)?

We all know that the main motto of Project Management is tracking and follow-up of projects in order to get the project work done “on time” and “within budget”. One might wonder as how a Work Breakdown Structure is related to finishing project on time and within budget. As the name suggests, a Work breakdown Read more about Why WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)?[…]

16 Easy Spring Projects to Boost Your Microsoft PPM Curb Appeal

Want to spruce up your Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft Project Online implementation and give it a bit more curb appeal? Here are some things you can do make your Microsoft PPM system look more appealing and useful to everyone using it: 1. Add your company or team logo to Project Web App (PWA) and Read more about 16 Easy Spring Projects to Boost Your Microsoft PPM Curb Appeal[…]

Force Check-In Alternative in MS PPM/Project Online

I recently received a request to allow a user to ‘Read’ projects that are checked out in the Force Check-in Enterprise Objects in Project Web Access (PWA). This user did not below to a group with ‘Manage Check-Ins’ set to ‘Allow’.  None of the permissions change options were economical for 1 user. We offered another Read more about Force Check-In Alternative in MS PPM/Project Online[…]

Getting Feedback from Team Members on a Project

Obtaining feedback from your team is not only valuable during project planning but also throughout the entire life span of the project.  A leading practice I share with clients and students is to use filtering along with the ‘Smart Copy and Paste’ features of Microsoft Project. These will pull out key information such as ‘Task Read more about Getting Feedback from Team Members on a Project[…]

Scheduling Constraints in Microsoft Project

In this video you will learn about scheduling constraints in Microsoft Project. Interested in how EPMA can help with your project schedules? Contact us today at 1.888.444.EPMA or [email protected]. Thanks for watching! Please feel free to leave comments below or check out our other blogs on Microsoft Project, Project Server, SharePoint and Project Management Methodology. Follow Read more about Scheduling Constraints in Microsoft Project[…]

Be Mindful of Scope Creep

How many times have we wondered toward the end of our deadline how and when a particular change was accepted? How many times have customers felt dejected because of getting a product which they never asked for? This is not the fault of the client or the project team, the project manager, but this is what a Read more about Be Mindful of Scope Creep[…]

Reaping the Benefits of a Project Scheduling Tool

How many times have you heard the saying: “garbage in is garbage out”? When wanting to benefit from the capabilities a project scheduling tool can bring, this clever phrase defiantely applies. Take for instance, the enhanced reporting features of Microsoft Project 2013. It now offers a powerful, graphical reporting platform (as opposed to the black and Read more about Reaping the Benefits of a Project Scheduling Tool[…]