Force Check-In Alternative in MS PPM/Project Online

I recently received a request to allow a user to ‘Read’ projects that are checked out in the Force Check-in Enterprise Objects in Project Web Access (PWA). This user did not below to a group with ‘Manage Check-Ins’ set to ‘Allow’.  None of the permissions change options were economical for 1 user. We offered another alternative. We offered another alternative. It wasn’t exactly what the user wanted but they couldn’t pass up the price.

We suggested they use the feature already build into Project Professional.

Launch Project Pro and Connect to your server

In the ‘Open’ dialog box, chose the ‘Show me the list of all projects’ option

Use the ‘Checked out?‘ column to determine if the schedule is checked out

Use the ‘Checked Out By’ column to determine who the schedule is checked out to

The ‘Last Modified‘ column tells you the last time the project was saved back to the server

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