A Big Reason Why Projects Fail

Too often companies, tired of seeing projects fail, decide to purchase and implement a project management software expecting this will solve their projects’ delivery problem altogether. Truth is, a tool by itself is by no means the solution to an existing problem, it is only a part of it. What these companies are most likely lacking is rather a defined project management approach which besides defining how the tools are to be used in order to effectively manage and deliver value from a project, it also encompasses a set of defined organizational standards, procedures, structure, roles, collaboration channels, templates & checklists built according to the unique nature and needs of each organization.

A project management framework, sometimes referred to as a methodology, is nothing but a company’s overall structured approach to undertaking and driving projects along with the significant impact their end result brings to the organization and all involved stakeholders. This framework allows for projects to be strategically selected, carefully planned, executed in a controlled environment, and delivered with a clear articulation of the value they bring to the stakeholders, all of this by following a set of defined processes and standards that are applicable to the majority of projects being undertaken by the same unit or organization.

It is important to know that one size does not fit all. A framework that has proven very successful in one organization might not function well in a differently natured one. There are a number of areas to consider within the existing people, process and technology aspects such as current the organization’s mission, strategic goals, culture, structure, skills, capabilities, practices, types of projects, processes, standards, templates, tools, competitive environment, legal requirements, information systems, among many others. These areas if existent, are important inputs and influencers of the to-be-established project management framework and therefore need to be very carefully scrutinized. Building an effective project management framework requires without a doubt, a considerable amount of time and effort, but knowing the positive difference it can make to the project delivery of an organization, there should not be a single hesitation about this valuable undertaking.

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