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JIRA code

7 Ways to Clean up a Polluted Jira Environment

Your Jira server has slowed down and performance has suffered as a result. Cleaning up the Jira environment will fix this problem but there are other benefits to be gained from cleaning your polluted Jira Environment. Other Benefits Include: Avoid data duplication Enhanced performance of the server Teams reaching out to dedicated groups Structured Data dictionary Read more about 7 Ways to Clean up a Polluted Jira Environment[…]

Physical % Complete in MS Project

  So, you recently stumbled upon a field called Physical % Complete in MS Project and you are now confused about what this field means and how it relates to the progress of your project. You also found out that a 100% value in this field does not complete the task/milestone. Let me answer your Read more about Physical % Complete in MS Project[…]

sad pmo team

How to Remedy the PMO Blues

Most companies find value in a Project Management Office (PMO). They realize that, in order to become better at delivering their product and/or service, they need to establish a project management methodology and provide project status and cost visibility to their management. Once the PMO is established and all project managers are executing the established Read more about How to Remedy the PMO Blues[…]

Project Online – Custom Development Features

Microsoft has two alternate methods to the client-side object model that you can use in Project Online apps and workflows. These methods can help with significant performance improvements when you save and publish projects in custom apps/workflows. UpdateCustomFields: This method bulk updates project custom fields and is available in the REST API to use only Read more about Project Online – Custom Development Features[…]

What should you ask your staffing vendor?

5 Questions to Ask Your Current Staffing Vendors

          Unfortunately, not every staffing vendor on the market is capable of delivering successful staffing solutions, especially when it comes to project management staffing. Learn how to tell the difference between incompetent companies and truly dedicated staffing partners by asking these five important questions. 1. What is your submittal to hire Read more about 5 Questions to Ask Your Current Staffing Vendors[…]

Outsourced Staffing

Why Outsourcing Your Staffing Doesn’t Work

Desperate for convenience and shorter hiring timelines, many companies use mass staffing vendors to outsource their staffing responsibilities. Unfortunately, this route causes more problems in the long run, resulting in wasted time, wasted money, and wasted opportunities. In this article, we’ll explain why outsourcing your staffing is a bigger headache than it’s worth. We’ll also Read more about Why Outsourcing Your Staffing Doesn’t Work[…]

Contingency Plan

How to Leverage Contingency in Your Project Schedule

Do you ever get the feeling that Murphy, owner of Murphy’s Law, invites himself to every project?  Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, so it’s important to anticipate high-risk areas and determine what buffer can be applied to ensure the project is on time and on budget.  One way of doing this is Read more about How to Leverage Contingency in Your Project Schedule[…]

Timephased data

Configure Rollup of Timephased Reporting Data in Project Online

Many organizations need reports that retrieve Tasks and Assignments timephased data. The problem is performance issues, especially in organizations that have a lot of Project Online reporting data. Microsoft acknowledged that not all organizations would need the timephased data to be reported by day. So they introduced an option to roll up the data on Read more about Configure Rollup of Timephased Reporting Data in Project Online[…]