Why Outsourcing Your Staffing Doesn’t Work

Outsourced StaffingDesperate for convenience and shorter hiring timelines, many companies use mass staffing vendors to outsource their staffing responsibilities. Unfortunately, this route causes more problems in the long run, resulting in wasted time, wasted money, and wasted opportunities. In this article, we’ll explain why outsourcing your staffing is a bigger headache than it’s worth. We’ll also provide you with a better alternative: project management staffing and IT staffing solutions that will draw real talent to your organization.

Why Staffing Agencies Are Not the Answer

Enlisting the services of a staffing agency is never a good idea — for several reasons. To show you what we mean, we’ve elaborated on the three drawbacks of putting the fate of your workforce in the hands of a mass staffing agency.
1. Generalized Services
Staffing agencies are incapable of providing expertise-driven results, so if you’re looking for tailored IT staffing solutions, you won’t find them at an agency. These mass staffing vendors are all about quantity over quality. They acquire thousands upon thousands of resumes from all kinds of contractors and match applicants to your job description based on keywords in their database. If you’re looking for a certain standard of expertise in your industry, the chances of you landing an exceptional applicant within a staffing vendor are very slim.
2. Face-Value Screening
How many times have you been impressed with a resume, only to be disappointed in the interview when you discover that the applicant exaggerated his knowledge and abilities on paper? One of the biggest reasons why staffing agencies are unable to provide successful project management staffing solutions is due to their face-value screening process. These agencies match your job description with words on a screen; they don’t take the time to validate their candidates. Instead, they send over handfuls of resumes that could lead to countless hours wasted on dead-end interviews.
3. Impersonal Service
If you were hoping for a friendly representative dedicated to finding you the next best project manager, think again. To a mass corporation staffing agency, you’re nothing but a number. Employees work under high quotas and short time frames, which means your needs will be pushed to the “completed” pile as soon as possible. Staffing agencies have no interest in cultivating a relationship with you or gaining a thorough understanding of the culture of your company; what they’re interested in, is another sale.

Next Level Staffing Solutions

The term “next level staffing solutions” may have you thinking of the infamously expensive and often disappointing recruitment process outsourcing model (or RPO), but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, we’re referring to staffing solutions that are both incredibly precise ​and ​ affordable. Staffing partners like EPMA provide the benefits of what a recruitment process outsourcing model should be, but with the cost and flexibility of traditional staffing outsourcing. We’ve taken the best attributes from each concept and combined them to form the perfect ​Project Management and IT staffing solutions​. You see, specialized staffing partners take the time to thoroughly understand what you need in a candidate. We evaluate the culture of your company, your ideal employee, and several other factors to ensure our results mesh perfectly with your workforce and improve your company. Unlike generalized staffing agencies, we place quality over quantity every single time. The result of using expertise-oriented staffing solutions is that of using less money and time to assemble the dream team. Gone are the days of sifting through countless resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates—specialized staffing partners narrow down the results to a small handful of exceptional applicants for every position. In doing so, EPMA is able to reduce overhead costs in the hiring department, employee turnover rates, and establish a firm relationship to ensure your empty positions are never vacant for long. For powerful and effective project management staffing solutions, ​contact EPMA today​! For more information on how we can help you and your project management team, send us an email If you are looking to kick start your project management journey, sign up for our Microsoft Training Classes. We hope you find this blog post helpful.  For more tips and tricks on Project Management, follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram