Things You Didn’t Know about Microsoft Project 2013

Did you know there are several things about Microsoft Project 2013, you may not know.  In the words of Farmers Insurance, “What you don’t know, can hurt you.” 1.  When you add a ‘deadline date’ to a task, that task automatically becomes part of the critical path 2.  When you update the project calendar (i.e., standard, overnight, etc.), the ‘non working time’ does not display on the Gantt chart.  In order for the non working time to display, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Right click on the timescale and click on ‘Timescale
  • Click on the tab “Non-working time”
  • Click on the drop down menu for “Calendar” and choose the appropriate calendar

3.  The Project Manager can adjust protective baselines, using the baseline table 4.  When the critical path is displayed in Microsoft Project 2013, the resource names do not disappear.  In Microsoft Project 2010, this was not the case. 5.  If you’re more of a ‘Developer’, there is a hidden tab for you.



-Customize Ribbon

-Click on Developer

-Click on OK