How to View When a Task Was Added to a Microsoft Project Schedule

The built-in ‘Created’ field can quickly display when (date and time) a task was originally added to a Microsoft Project Schedule. Surprisingly, this hidden gem is not exposed in any built-in Microsoft Project tables, but you can easily add it to any Task table to see when each task was added to the project. This can be especially helpful to document when new tasks were added to the schedule as part of a Change Control process.

To Expose the ‘Created’ field in a Microsoft Project Schedule:

1. Open a project schedule with Microsoft Project.

2. Apply a Task view such as the ‘Gantt Chart’ view.

3. Right-click on a column header for one of the fields currently displayed in the Task table, then select the ‘Insert Column’ option from the shortcut menu.


4. When the field list appears, select the ‘Created’ field from the list.


5. Reposition or resize the width of the newly-inserted ‘Created’ column as necessary.


Good luck!