Creating a default Template location in Microsoft Project 2013

You will notice that in Microsoft Project 2013 out of the box there is no Personal template folder.  If you want to use this feature you need to specify a default location for your templates to be stored.  In previous versions project files would have been stored in the templates folder associated with the Project application:

\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\ folder

To use the Personal Templates folder (highlighted below) will need to activate it.

To activate this feature you need to navigate to the Project Options. (File ribbon > Options) then click on the ‘Save’ Tab.

Click Browse, then select the location you want.

Once you have specified this location each time you save a project as a template it will go straight into the location specified.

If you are not a PPM user and you want to share Project Templates, you could have each project manager set their default template location to point to a departmental shared drive.

Hope this helps.