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7 Ways to Clean up a Polluted Jira Environment

Your Jira server has slowed down and performance has suffered as a result. Cleaning up the Jira environment will fix this problem but there are other benefits to be gained from cleaning your polluted Jira Environment. Other Benefits Include: Avoid data duplication Enhanced performance of the server Teams reaching out to dedicated groups Structured Data dictionary Read more about 7 Ways to Clean up a Polluted Jira Environment[…]

Customizing Jira Workflows for Efficiency

While Jira by default comes with its built-in workflows, its real efficiency lies in its adaptability and customizability. An example of a default workflow is as follows: Similarly, JIRA creates Agile Simplified workflow templates for Scrum and Kanban Projects respectively. SCRUM KANBAN Additionally, Jira workflows can pertain to the user’s requirements. Some of the common Read more about Customizing Jira Workflows for Efficiency[…]


Easy way to perform calculations in Jira

Finding it hard to Purchase a plugin?  Don’t have time to create a plugin? Don’t worry; we have a simple solution for you  Since JIRA doesn’t have out of the box functionalities to perform simple calculations, here is an easy way to implement it.   Write a simple HTML Code which could perform the calculations: Read more about Easy way to perform calculations in Jira[…]

Estimating Work Effort and Duration in Microsoft Project

Have you ever estimated the duration for a task in Microsoft Project but wished that you could estimate real ‘Work Effort’? For Example; I have a task that is going to take 2 days to complete however, within that two days Tom is only going to spend 2 hours on completing the task… We can model this Read more about Estimating Work Effort and Duration in Microsoft Project[…]