Schedule a Resource to Work on a Holiday


An intriguing question was asked recently in the Project Server General Questions and Answers user forum. Although I was not the person who answered the question, I thought the question and the solution were worth sharing with you.

A user stated that she had customized the Standard calendar with company holidays set up as nonworking time periods. She explained that there is one resource in their organization who will be working on a company holiday. She asked how to change the resource’s calendar to make the company holiday a working day for only that resource.


To solve this problem, complete the following steps:

1.  If you are using Project Server, check out the resource for editing in the Enterprise Resource Pool.

2.  If you are not using Project Server, open the project containing the resource and then apply the Resource Sheet view.

3.  Right-click on the resource and select the Information item on the shortcut menu.

4.  In the Resource Information dialog, click the Change Working Time button. Microsoft Project displays the Change Working Time dialog for the selected resource, as shown in the following figure.

5.  In calendar grid at the top of the Change Working Time dialog, select the date for the nonworking time period during which the selected resource will work.

6.  In the Exceptions grid at the bottom of the dialog, enter a name for the exception, such as Work on Memorial Day for example, and then press the Right-Arrow key on your computer keyboard.

7.  With the new exception still selected, click the Details button. Microsoft Project displays the Details dialog for the new exception, as shown in the following figure.

8.  At the top of the Details dialog, select the Working times option. Microsoft Project shows the default working schedule of 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM, as shown in the following figure.

9.  In the Details dialog, click the OK button. On the date where the resource will work on a holiday, Microsoft Project indicates the schedule override using a light teal background color in the date cell, such as shown for Memorial Day in the following figure.

10.  Click the OK button to close the Change Working Time dialog.

11.  Click the OK button to close the Resource Information dialog.

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