Removing Legend Items in a Microsoft Project 2013 Schedule

Have you ever tried to print your project schedule only to see that the bottom half of each page is being taken up by the legend and all the items inside?

Now there is a way to completely remove the legend with just a checkbox… but what if you actually want to display the legend and only a few select items? Well, just follow these quick steps:

First navigate to the Format tab > Bar Styles section > Format drop-down > Bar Styles option.

The Bar Styles dialogue box should appear displaying all the different bar styles within your project schedule.

Now take note of the names of the different bar styles. You may have already noticed that some of the task names are preceeded by an asterisk (*). This is because those bar styles that have the asterisk before the name are excluded from the project print legend. So, all that needs to be done is to place an asterisk before the bar style name to remove/hide it from the project print legend… or remove the asterisk to display it in the project print legend.

Once the bar styles are properly marked in the Bar Style dialogue box, the project print legend will now be exactly the way you want it displayed.


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