New Light – Debbie Perez

My name is Debbie Perez. I have been supporting Microsoft Project and Project Server for over 2 years. During this time, I have gained many ‘bucket loads’ of knowledge and wisdom in process and tool management. Sadly, because I did not have a Project Management background, I did not understand many of the concepts related to project management, for example, ‘critical path’. I have heard managers and directors discuss this topic in many project schedules, but never really understood it. “What is your critical path?” “Will this affect your critical path?” Do you consider this part of your critical path?” Many times, I wasn’t even sure if they knew what it really was. Things were always moving so fast, I wasn’t able to slow down and wrap my head around it, until now. I recently started at EPMA and on my first day, this was one of the things we sat down and discussed. I now know the definition of ‘critical path’ (a sequential path of activities in a project schedule that represents the longest duration of a project) and actually understand it. Do you know how good it feels to have someone by your side that is able to sit down with you and provide explanations? This explains why EPMA has been so successful. While my time at EPMA has been short, it has been very exciting and educational. With progress like this, you’ll be hearing from me more often. If you’re not sure what ‘Critical Path’ is or you have more questions, call us. We always have trainings scheduled. You’ll love it.