How To Get A List Of All Your Custom Fields

Have you ever wanted to know how many Custom fields you have in your system, when they were created or what is the data type of each one?

You can get a full list of all the Custom fields that you have in the system using a simple query as shown below.

The query will call a predefined, Table-Valued function for us called MFN_Epm_GetAllCustomFieldsInformation().

For this blog I am going to query the Custom Fields Names , Lookup Table Members View Names, Data Type and Lookup Table that have MultipleLevels.

SELECT a.CustomFieldName




FROM MFN_Epm_GetAllCustomFieldsInformation() as A

WHERE EntityName = ‘Project’

If you execute the query you will get a list of your Project Level Custom fields where you can change the Resource, Task, Assignment and Timesheet custom fields by change the EnitityName value in the query.

Hope you found this blog useful.

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