Building A Project Team

Building A Project Team with Disney Characters

Building a perfect project team can be difficult. You need to ensure that all project members are on the same page and can complete their jobs. You are developing their skills and managing their day-to-day activities. Collaboration is important to any project team. I decided to build my perfect project team………with Disney characters of course.

Project Sponsor: Mufasa

“Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble”

After thorough consideration, I’ve decided to name Mufasa as my Project Sponsor. He is strong and wise; and he’s a great example of someone who could lead a kingdom (or project). Mufasa has the wisdom and bravery to do what is needed to get done. The Project Sponsor initiates the project and gives purpose to why the project was created. The Sponsor will protect the project from hitting any roadblocks.

Others Considered: Zeus, Mulan

Project Manager: Snow White

Snow White is a great communicator, an organization expert, and a natural leader. She can communicate with different groups (and species) and dictate jobs for them to do. I have no doubt that she would be able to keep us on schedule and handle any issues that arise.

Others Considered: Simba, Woody

Developer: The Genie from Aladdin

The Genie can build whatever you want; you just need to be specific! Imagine the kind of construction or software that I could build with three wishes!

Others Considered: The Mad Hatter, Elsa

Customer: Belle

Belle would be a phenomenal customer because she’s loyal and sticks to her morals. She would be a reliable customer and a great business partner. Belle would go out of her way to give us recommendations and suggest our company to other prospective buyers.

Others Considered: Pocahantas, Pluto

Project Assistant: Timon & Pumba

Why have one assistant when you can have 2?!! These two define teamwork and execution. As Project Assistants, they would handle administrative work and assist in the day-to-day organization of the project. They can help build direction and ensure the project stays on track.

Others Considered: The Seven Dwarves, Chip & Dale


Overall, I think we picked some good team members to start our project team. As individuals, they will be able to accomplish the project objectives, but they still need to work in unison. No team member can complete a project by themselves. The team needs to make sure they communicate and work together to solve any problems that arise. Involving the right people at the right time will be key…….And of course, Walt Disney won’t let us fail!

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