Force Check-In Projects in PWA

In this video you will learn How to Force Check-In Projects in PWA. Interested in how EPMA can help you with your projects? Contact us today at 1.888.444.EPMA or [email protected]. Thanks for watching! Please feel free to leave comments below or check out our other blogs on Microsoft Project, Project Server, SharePoint and Project Management Methodology. Read more about Force Check-In Projects in PWA[…]

Active Directory Synchronization Not Saving in PWA 2013

Today, while configuring Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization for a client of ours, I ran into what seems to be a pretty serious issue. I was unable to save the AD group from the Settings page. When I went to click “Save” nothing happened, not even an error. I’ve configured this before for other clients Read more about Active Directory Synchronization Not Saving in PWA 2013[…]