What’s Missing from Project Server 2016?

Microsoft Project Server 2016

You have probably read a lot about what’s new in Project Server 2106, but it’s harder to find details about what Microsoft removed from this latest iteration of their PPM solution. So, here is a quick overview.

My Tasks

The My Tasks and associated Exchange Task Sync features along with the Work Management Service Application required for both features has been removed in SharePoint Server 2016.

Resource Plans Replaced

You have most likely heard the buzz around Project Server 2016 Resource Engagements.  As a quick summary, Resource Engagements are a Project Professional 2016 or Project for Office 365 feature used by Project Managers to build their project teams by collaborating with Resource Managers. Project Managers may submit requests for specific resources and Resource Managers will be able to accept, reject or modify the requests.

This new feature replaces the Resource Plans functionality you were familiar with in previous versions.  Have no fear though, as Microsoft states “Existing Resource Plans can be converted to Resource Engagements when you upgrade from Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2016 as an optional part of the upgrade process. However, the Resource Plan view will no longer be available in Project Professional 2016.”


Some Project Server Interface (PSI) Members

The following have been removed from the PSI Library

Type Removed Features


CubeStatus.CbsProcessErrorId DsoTranslatorNotFound


IPSContextInfo Lcid
PSContextInfo PSContextInfo(Boolean, String, Guid, Guid, Guid, String)

PSContextInfo(Boolean, String, Guid, Guid, Guid, Int32, String)



PSErrorID LookupTableItemHasTrailingOrLeadingWhitespace
PSEventID Deprecated8


PSDBUtility IntArrayListToCommaDelimitedString
PSSecurityCategory MyPersonaIProjects
PSSecurityGIobaIPermission ChangeProjectState





PSSecurityObjectType MaxBuildInObjectType


ViewConstants.ViewType VISION


Some Project Server Interface (PSI) Extensions

Project Server Interface (PSI) extension scenarios are no longer supported In Project Server 2016. The scenarios enabled integration with custom Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services.

What Does This Mean?

Luckily there are no significant omissions that would greatly impact you upgrading.  In fact, with the current emphasis on resource capacity planning and efficient workforce utilization, the new Resource Engagement functionality may be reason enough to consider migrating to the latest version, especially if you are still on Project Server 2010 or an earlier version that now has only limited support by Microsoft.

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