The 4 Benefits of EPMA’s Virtual Training

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we work and has forced us into remote working from home. However, just because you need to stay indoors, doesn’t mean you have to completely halt your professional development. 

In fact, we are finding that many organizations are using this forced down time to schedule long overdue training that has not been possible in the past due to hectic schedules.. We’ve offered live-virtual training for over a decade, but now it is more important  than ever to highlight just how accessible it is. Whether you’re an individual  or part of a team, we’re here to help optimize your use of Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online.

Of course, you may have some understandable reservations about virtual training,  but EPMA has always prioritized creating a training environment that is accessible to both new-comers and experienced professionals alike. With this in mind, I want to share four benefits you will experience when you attend our live virtual training courses.

1. Access to Subject Matter Experts

Our courses are led by a live instructor with 10 to 20 years of experience using, implementing, supporting and training on the Microsoft Project and PPM tools. We chose live instruction over pre-recorded material, because a live instructor allows you to ask your burning questions on the spot and get a personalized answer. On top of that, our instructors are project managers or consultants that deliver the course in the scope of project management.

This means that you’re not only getting hands-on experience with the tool you will be using, but you are also learning it from the perspective of an experienced project manager. Don’t settle for a point and click training of this powerful and complex solution. We design our training programs to allow you to marry an effective understanding of the technology based on best practices and practical application and apply it to your style of project management.

2. Collaborative Attendance

virtual training course

A common reservation with virtual training is the lack of interaction you find in a virtual classroom setting. Just because the information is there, doesn’t mean you’ll memorize and retain it as well as you would if taught in a live classroom. Which is why we blended the convenience of virtual attendance with the value of live instruction.

Just because you are not in the same room, does not mean you’re cut off from the same collaboration with your instructor and fellow attendees as someone in a physical class. Our instructors include time for incremental question and answer sessions, so that you and your fellow attendees can have all of your questions answered and even collaborate with one another.

3. Affordable Options for Individuals and Teams

Carving out time for training is already difficult enough but having to account for additional costs like travel for attendees or trainers, training facilities, and meals can make things even more tricky. Virtual trainings only require the time scheduled and eliminate the worry about those extra hidden costs. EPMA offers two versions of live virtual training: open enrollment courses and private courses. Our Open Enrollment 2-day classes are scheduled each month, and they provide an individual the opportunity to attend alongside students from other companies and different backgrounds.

The Open Enrollment classes are priced on a per student basis and very affordable for an individual or group of 3 or less. For larger groups and teams, we recommend a private course conducted around your schedule and priced using economies of scale. Regardless of the training program chosen based on what fits your training needs and budget, you will get the same quality experience and value.

4. Ability to Customize

Building upon the value of a private training program, not only is scheduling a private course more flexible and convenient; private courses give you the opportunity to cater the curriculum to better meet the specific training objectives of your team. If you’re already pressed for time, why not make sure you’re getting as much tailored personal value as you possibly can?

We incorporate real world examples and experiences into every course we offer, but with a private course, those examples are specific to you. Our instructors start with the base curriculum and adjust to focus on what you and your team need to learn to best utilize your tool in a time frame that won’t halt your productivity. Choose between 1 and 2-day training lengths, and get your team started from a solid foundation of knowledge.

These four benefits are reinforced by our tried-and-true training process.  We leverage the GoToTraining platform and incorporate an interactive session with students following along using their own software.  All students will receive instructions on what is required in order to maximize their experience, and we provide support in order to ensure you are setup on the day of the training.

Take advantage of this opportunity for continuous improvement and professional growth and development.  If you’re curious about some of our previous attendee’s experience, here are a couple reviews from former trainees…

“I really got a lot out of this course. Our instructor Michelle was very informative and encouraged participation. I would recommend this class to anyone who is a new at Microsoft Project and needs a better understanding of the program.” – Sidney S.

“I really enjoyed the hands-on experience. It was great to try out the features we learned about and address any questions as they surfaced.” – Stephanie B.

If you would like to read more reviews or get specific information about each of our trainings, click here.

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