Job State ‘Skipped For Optimization’ in Microsoft Project Server Queue

Periodically EPMA’s Support Team gets this question from a Project Server Administrator reviewing the server’s Manage Queue Jobs: What is causing the server to show a Job State of Skipped For Optimization and 20% complete?

Skipped for Optimization

First, ‘Skipped for Optimization’ is not an error. It is a status indicating that the system has already completed the job requested in one of the previously executed commands and does not need to do it again.  Basically a duplicate job has been found within the group. Here is an example scenario of Skipped for Optimization, as provided by Microsoft:

A project manager may attempt the following in sequence when working with a project:

  1. Saves Project 1
  2. Publishes Project 1
  3. Changes a task in Project 1
  4. Save Project 1
  5. Publishes Project 1
  6. Changes the start date of Project 1
  7. Save Project 1
  8. Publishes Project 1

All three incremental saves to Project 1 will be processed. However, all three publish attempts do not need to be processed. If the last publish job is processed, it would produce the same results as if all three publish jobs were processed. For optimization, the first two publish attempts are skipped.

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