Customizing Project Site Template in Project Server 2013

In my previous post, I talked about adding a PWA Home link to all project sites, to make the navigation easier for users migrating from previous versions of Project Server.

In order to make this a system wide change, it makes sense to make it part of the Custom project site template. Since none of my peers seem to have preempted me on this topic, I wanted to seize the opportunity.

Also, the process is not too different from what we are used to do in Project Server 2010 (click here for Brian’s famous post on that topic). Just the look and feel changes.

So here we go.

Navigate to the PWA Homepage.

Click on the “Gear” icon on the top right corner, and select Site Settings

Click on Sites and workspaces clip_image006_thumb[2]
Click on Create to create a new site clip_image008_thumb[2]
Fill in the details, making sure that Project Site template is selected

And click Create

Your new site is created. clip_image012_thumb[2]
Now go ahead and customize the project site.

Notice that I added a PWA Home link to the top navigation bar. (refer to my previous post as to why)

Once you are done, navigate back to Site Settings and click on Save site as template clip_image016_thumb[2]
Fill in the details and Click OK clip_image018_thumb[10]
Once the operation is completed, you will see a success message. clip_image020_thumb[4]
Now navigate back to PWA Home page, Click on Server Settings clip_image022_thumb[8]
Click on Enterprise Project Types clip_image024_thumb[2]
Click on the enterprise project type you want to associate the new site template with. clip_image026_thumb[13]
Scroll all the way to the bottom and under Project Site template, select the new template you just created, and select Save. clip_image028_thumb[3]
That’s it. You are all set. Go ahead and test it by publishing couple of projects. image_thumb[4]

And finally, couple of Caveats from Brian Smith , again on this topic: