A Big Reason Why Projects Fail

Too often companies, tired of seeing projects fail, decide to purchase and implement a project management software expecting this will solve their projects’ delivery problem altogether. Truth is, a tool by itself is by no means the solution to an existing problem, it is only a part of it. What these companies are most likely lacking Read more about A Big Reason Why Projects Fail[…]

Reaping the Benefits of a Project Scheduling Tool

How many times have you heard the saying: “garbage in is garbage out”? When wanting to benefit from the capabilities a project scheduling tool can bring, this clever phrase defiantely applies. Take for instance, the enhanced reporting features of Microsoft Project 2013. It now offers a powerful, graphical reporting platform (as opposed to the black and Read more about Reaping the Benefits of a Project Scheduling Tool[…]

Estimating Duration in Microsoft Project

In this video you will learn how Microsoft Project estimates duration. Interested in how EPMA can help you with your project schedules? Contact us today at 1.888.444.EPMA or [email protected] Thanks for watching! Please feel free to leave comments below or check out our other blogs on Microsoft Project, Project Server, SharePoint and Project Management Methodology. Follow Read more about Estimating Duration in Microsoft Project[…]

Critical Path Considerations

As experienced Project Managers, we know that a critical path on a project schedule is the longest necessary path of a series of interdependent activities or tasks required for the project to be completed on time or as we refer to it, on schedule. Any task falling along this path has zero float or slack, Read more about Critical Path Considerations[…]

Why Do Project Managers Need To Think Proactively About Organizational Change Management?

We all know one of the main reasons why companies conduct projects is to produce an end product or result that brings added value to current operations, such as: automating a process, optimizing the workspace or installing new equipment just to name a few. However, in order for a project deliverable to prove its value Read more about Why Do Project Managers Need To Think Proactively About Organizational Change Management?[…]