The 3 Biggest Frustrations Most PMs Face

The 3 Biggest Frustrations Most PMs Face With today’s technological advances and globalization most PMs (Project Managers) manage multiple projects in an organization. In many cases the teams are cross-functional teams and working in different time zones. Project Management is a discipline that consists of methodologies and tools to assist in successful completion of projects Read more about The 3 Biggest Frustrations Most PMs Face[…]

Is Microsoft Project for Your Organization?

Most organizations have projects and almost all organizations want their projects to be completed efficiently on time and budget. And the truth is, it can be done. Among all the resources a project needs such as an experienced Project Manager, a dedicated team, materials, equipment’s etc. that contribute to the success of a project, scheduling Read more about Is Microsoft Project for Your Organization?[…]

Impact of Schedule Updates on Project Health

As a scheduler, I witness first-hand how different organizations choose to monitor and track project progress through schedules. Although updating the schedules for active projects may seem trivial on regular basis, it can save organizations time and money through increase in efficiency. Developing and maintaining a schedule plays a significant part in the successful planning Read more about Impact of Schedule Updates on Project Health[…]

Virtual Teams and Meetings

Most often we prefer face-to-face communication in project teams. But in today’s world, technology has made it possible for virtual teams to attain the same level of success with respect to project completion as on-site teams. Not working with the client/team on-site may appear to be challenging. But as a scheduler, I have worked with Read more about Virtual Teams and Meetings[…]