High-level Overview of Mechanics of PPM Implementation

In my previous blogs on PPM implementaion (links below), I spoke about the underlying need and the various challenges in PPM Implementation. In this blog I am going to discuss about the various driving mechanics of PPM implementation. One of the most important aspect that organizations need to understand is that the implementation of PPM across the Read more about High-level Overview of Mechanics of PPM Implementation[…]

Understanding the need for PPM Implementation – Article 2

In my previous blog , I had outlined the 4 major challenges faced by the organizations in their PPM (Project Portfolio Management) implementation . In my current blog, I will briefly discuss the underlying reasons behind the emerging need for PPM implementation. Project Portfolio Management is getting recognition more so in the last 5-10 years.  The overarching need for Read more about Understanding the need for PPM Implementation – Article 2[…]

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A sneak peek into the challenges in PPM Implementation – Article 1

Did you know? “About 60% of the organizations implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) primarily to align their business objectives with their project objectives”. Why PPM? In order to stay competitive in today’s global business environment, there is a quintessential need for organizations to utilize their resources by working on projects that will satisfy both their Read more about A sneak peek into the challenges in PPM Implementation – Article 1[…]

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Why WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)?

We all know that the main motto of Project Management is tracking and follow-up of projects in order to get the project work done “on time” and “within budget”. One might wonder as how a Work Breakdown Structure is related to finishing project on time and within budget. As the name suggests, a Work breakdown Read more about Why WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)?[…]

Updating a Project Baseline

A project schedule is baselined to lock in the original plan. However, projects don’t always track to the baseline and it becomes necessary to re-baseline the schedule. Any further changes to a baselined schedule have to be approved from senior managers and stakeholders. A baselined schedule is generally re-baselined when the project undergoes major changes. Read more about Updating a Project Baseline[…]

Assigning Resources in Microsoft Project

In this video you will learn how to assign resources in Microsoft Project. Interested in how EPMA can help you with your projects? Contact us today at 1.888.444.EPMA or [email protected] Thanks for watching! Please feel free to leave comments below or check out our other blogs on Microsoft Project, Project Server, SharePoint and Project Management Methodology. Read more about Assigning Resources in Microsoft Project[…]