Project Management Under Pressure!

Issues are piling up and everyone is coming at you at once. The reality is: people make mistakes and project plans are not perfect, so you need to figure out how to deal with it now and make improvements for the future. Here are some common project management pressure situations that you may identify with and strategies to get you back on track.

Project Management Terminology

The 25 Project Management Terms All Beginner’s Should Know

There’s a hefty library of terminology for new-comers in the project management industry to get familiar with, which can cause unnecessary issues and miscommunications to arise if you’re not already well versed. This can be a bit daunting, but lucky for you EPMA has you covered with the 25 terms beginners in project management must Read more about The 25 Project Management Terms All Beginner’s Should Know[…]

Agile Horror

Oh, the Horror! – How Agile Can Go Wrong

We’ve all heard mentions of Agile and likely a few horror stories that tag along. Every so often one instance where it was adopted successfully by a company might crop up – but, oh, the horror stories… There are just so many! In this blog we’ll look at why people are doing agile wrong: Doing Read more about Oh, the Horror! – How Agile Can Go Wrong[…]

Is Microsoft Project for Your Organization?

Most organizations have projects and almost all organizations want their projects to be completed efficiently on time and budget. And the truth is, it can be done. Among all the resources a project needs such as an experienced Project Manager, a dedicated team, materials, equipment’s etc. that contribute to the success of a project, scheduling Read more about Is Microsoft Project for Your Organization?[…]

A Big Reason Why Projects Fail

Too often companies, tired of seeing projects fail, decide to purchase and implement a project management software expecting this will solve their projects’ delivery problem altogether. Truth is, a tool by itself is by no means the solution to an existing problem, it is only a part of it. What these companies are most likely lacking Read more about A Big Reason Why Projects Fail[…]