MS Project Milestone Table

How to Leverage Milestone Tables in MS Project

MS Project Timelines are a great way to display the project schedule at a milestone level.  Timelines provide important project status reports and information to management, however they often lack historical information about the milestones.  How do the current milestones compare to the baseline milestones?  How much did the milestone shift from the last time Read more about How to Leverage Milestone Tables in MS Project[…]

Building A Project Team

Building A Project Team with Disney Characters Building a perfect project team can be difficult. You need to ensure that all project members are on the same page and can complete their jobs. You are developing their skills and managing their day-to-day activities. Collaboration is important to any project team. I decided to build my Read more about Building A Project Team[…]

Creating Efficient Project Management Offices

Regardless of departments and divisions, there is an element of project management involved in every organization, and the visibility into projects leave a lot to be desired. This is largely due to the lack of appropriate tools, standards, and heavy reliance on manual reporting that fail to offer the kind of project visibility needed by Read more about Creating Efficient Project Management Offices[…]