Contingency Plan

How to Leverage Contingency in Your Project Schedule

Do you ever get the feeling that Murphy, owner of Murphy’s Law, invites himself to every project?  Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, so it’s important to anticipate high-risk areas and determine what buffer can be applied to ensure the project is on time and on budget.  One way of doing this is Read more about How to Leverage Contingency in Your Project Schedule[…]

What’s Missing from Project Server 2016?

You have probably read a lot about what’s new in Project Server 2106, but it’s harder to find details about what Microsoft removed from this latest iteration of their PPM solution. So, here is a quick overview. My Tasks The My Tasks and associated Exchange Task Sync features along with the Work Management Service Application Read more about What’s Missing from Project Server 2016?[…]

Microsoft Project Vs Microsoft Excel

Imagine you’re having your dream house built and you’re very excited to see how far along the builders have come so you decide to check on the progress.  You arrive onsite, two weeks into the project, and you see a bunch of people busily working.  You ask the foreman how things are going he responds Read more about Microsoft Project Vs Microsoft Excel[…]