How a PM can Leverage MS Outlook to Improve Team Planning & Follow Up

Do you struggle with getting your team to attend your weekly meetings or obtain a status on their action items? Sometimes leveraging a tool such as MS Outlook can assist a Project Manager to gain compliance within their team, and ultimately increase their monitor and control efficiency.

Become a PM Jedi – The Art of Communication

“Step into your engineer’s shoes” Below is a common scenario that a project manager may encounter and how effective communication can assist a situation gone bad and turn the situation around.   Scene: PM walks into engineer’s office while they are working. PM: “Hey Engineer! Why haven’t you completed the stress calculations assigned to you Read more about Become a PM Jedi – The Art of Communication[…]

Effective Communications in Project Management (Part 1)

What does Clear Communication have to do with Successful Projects? How often do we, as project managers take communication too casually when managing a project? Most project managers are generally good communicators but are they communicating effectively? In PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession In-Depth report, it was revealed that the most crucial success factor Read more about Effective Communications in Project Management (Part 1)[…]

Status Reports: Form of Communication 3

Status reports are great, but what happens when you are diligent and sending these out on a consistent basis, yet your audience doesn’t seem to be reading your status report. This is where status meetings come into play.  It is recommended that a status meeting should take place on a weekly basis.  According to Eric Verzuh, (The Read more about Status Reports: Form of Communication 3[…]