“Help Me, Help You!” How to tactfully engage challenging managers

Here are a few tips to help you tackle an uncooperative or unresponsive manager on a project and turning it an opportunity – to strengthen one’s professional experience, share acquired knowledge, and build a great working relationship.

Roles and Responsibilities are Key to your Success!

One common question that can be asked to any company, department, or individual is: “What do you do and how does it benefit me?”  After you recover from the shock and crassness of the question, you realize that that is the reason people start businesses, create departments, and hire individuals … to create value.  To successfully provide the value that people Read more about Roles and Responsibilities are Key to your Success![…]

Business People building relationship


I was always known for my gift of gab, which has gotten me in AND out of trouble my entire life. So, when I landed a job in the recruiting industry right out of college, I was able to put this gift to work and found my calling. Over 20 years later, I am now Read more about BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS[…]