Creating Efficient Project Management Offices

Regardless of departments and divisions, there is an element of project management involved in every organization, and the visibility into projects leave a lot to be desired. This is largely due to the lack of appropriate tools, standards, and heavy reliance on manual reporting that fail to offer the kind of project visibility needed by Read more about Creating Efficient Project Management Offices[…]

Key Steps Every Company Should Know When Launching a PMO (Part 1)

Is your company talking about setting up a Project Management Office (PMO)? Does your company already have a PMO that may need to be rebuilt/re-launched? Smaller companies can afford to do without a PMO for some time and make do with a few people running current projects (PMO Level 0 Maturity – Nonexistent), but as Read more about Key Steps Every Company Should Know When Launching a PMO (Part 1)[…]

Project Server 2010 Save Error

PROJECT SERVER 2010 SAVE ERROR While trying to edit and save a project file in Microsoft Project Server 2010, I received an error message: β€œAn error has occurred when saving your project to the server. Please contact your administrator for assistance.” After researching this error, I found that this error message is usually received when Read more about Project Server 2010 Save Error[…]