Comparing Projects

There have been so many times in the past where I made several changes to my project (like adding new tasks, inactivating un-needed tasks, etc) only to find myself in a spot where it is impossible for me to know what changes I made as compared to my previous version. Luckily Microsoft heard my cries Read more about Comparing Projects[…]

Why are some of your resource’s timesheet entries doubling in your reports?

Some of you folks who write reports for Microsoft Project Server have experienced this frustrating issue, where for some of your resources, hours they have entered into their timesheet are showing as multiples in your report result set. Why is this, as it seems it’s randomly occurring? For those who’ve not figured it out yet, Read more about Why are some of your resource’s timesheet entries doubling in your reports?[…]

Status Reports: Form of Communication 2

Last month, I mentioned that communication is one of the biggest factors that can make or break your project and  your career.  Did you ponder on this? To many, status reports are tedious and annoying, but to a true project manager, status reports are a great contribution to the success of a project.  Status reports serve as your record of Read more about Status Reports: Form of Communication 2[…]

Elapsed Days in Microsoft Project

Here is a quick blog to introduce Microsoft Project users to a quick and easy tip when dealing with task durations and elapsed days. In Microsoft Project it is possible to model duration in terms of ‘elapsed’ days. Elapsed days are used when a task’s duration needs to disregard any ‘nonworking time’ or resource constraints. Read more about Elapsed Days in Microsoft Project[…]

Doctors in Project Management Tools

Over the past few months I’ve been at one of our client’s site and have been in an Analyst role. I was tasked with helping resolve various issues users have been facing while using Microsoft Project Server 2010 as well as Microsoft Project Professional 2010. It has been a tremendous learning experience of figuring out Read more about Doctors in Project Management Tools[…]

Inactive Tasks in Microsoft Project 2010 vs. Project 2013

I was sitting in one of Tom Henry’s training classes earlier this week when a new feature of Microsoft Project 2013 was noticed. When making a task inactive in Project 2010 the task was automatically shot back to the project start date. You would then have to add an additional predecessor to the next task Read more about Inactive Tasks in Microsoft Project 2010 vs. Project 2013[…]